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Now when it comes to selecting the correct SEO company, you have to be very careful at which company you ultimately decide to work with. Not only is your business on the line here, but time is always of the essence for business. Also, an important issue to address is the friendliness and activity of that SEO company. If an SEO team isn't answering your questions in an efficient manner that's a problem.

For selecting the right SEO company, here are a few tips that will help you make an educated decision for the proper candidate.

  • The Size of your Company

    • When looking over SEO companies understand that there are different prices depending on the size of the businesses. The obvious reason is reaching out to different customers and the amount of difficulty of that business' niche. At Two Ducks Marketing, we understand that every client doesn't fit into a fixed formula where one thing works for every business. Our Team puts in deliberate customization to every client's individual business because all businesses require it's own unique attention of tailor-ship to their market.
  • Keyword Optimization

    • Essentially having well-configured keywords is a major reason behind ranking higher on Google or any other search engine. At Two Ducks Marketing we analysis your content and then optimize your keywords to increase your ranking for your niche. This allows tailored ranking for different locations or different services.
  • Quality Services

    • It takes quite a bit of research to reach a high traffic, but yet low competition keyword in your niche. That being said you shouldn't expect a tag sale bargain for this service, but you shouldn't be expected to pay the highest amount. Two Ducks Marketing gives you a free analysis to explain what would need improvement either with website design, content or actual organic ranking. Through this specific analysis, we generate a price but only after we go through every detail.
  • Developing Linking Strategy

    • Many companies don't Development a Linking Strategy, in other words, they will do an on page SEO but fail to do the off page SEO of connecting your website with others. Long and behold the off page SEO is the hardest to properly do, but it has the most influence. Without the off page SEO, your website will stay stagnant and not reach its true potential.

Use these tips as a guideline to check off when taking into consideration an SEO company. It should be used to get on the right path of the online marketing world. At the same time increase your brand and attendance. Take these tips into consideration before buying any type of advertisement or SEO job.

Importance of Google Relevancy

There are about 3.5 billion google searches a day, of course, it isn't all searches related to your company. However, it shows how large the online market truly is if 3.5 billion searches a day on just google while there are bing, yahoo, and other search engines we haven't included. If your company isn't ranked #1 of any niche you're losing potential clients to competitors that are ahead of in the search engines. With the internet and a smart phone is virtually everyone's hands the online market is only getting bigger. In fact, it has replaced the phonebook in people's homes so local searches are done mostly by mobile. Two Ducks Marketing can modify your website to be mobile friendly to reach those searchers too.